Avantajele realizarii proiectului CHEAP Tarnita Lapustesti


Constructia centralei de la Tarnita-Lapustesti inseamna o investitie green-field in jur de 1 miliard euro (fara TVA), ceea ce va contribui semnificativ la dezvoltarea economica a tarii, dar si a zonei situate in apropierea orasului Cluj-Napoca.

  • barajTarnitaBuilding the Tarnita-Lapustesti power plant is a green-field investment around Eur 1.164 billion (without VAT), which will contribute greatly to the economic development of the country and of the area surrounding Cluj-Napoca.
  •  Key project considering the growing portfolio of electricity generation from renewable sources, requiring the installation of additional balancing capacity. These shall be turned to account not only on the ancillary services market but also on the load variations balancing or power consumption market
  • Power plant of strategic role, the first great dispatchable consumer qualified to participate at the NPS black-start in case of black-out
  • Operational flexibility and capacity to give a fast response to load changes, following to provide power services in Romania and neighboring countries
  • Enhancement of the operational conditions related to the large units from nuclear power plants, fossil-fueled condensation thermal power plants and cogeneration power plants, by electricity transfer from idle to peak (during night and week-end), reducing the consumption of fossil fuels, that are mostly imported
  • Benefits for all the segments of the competitive market, through a positive impact on liquidity and price set on such markets

Functions provided by PSHPP Tarnita-Lapustesti:

Moreover, the commissioning of CHEAP Tarnita-Lapustesti will bring important benefits for the National Energy System, by:

  • barajTarnita2Electricity storage for a period of time
  • Supply of ancillary services for Romania and neighboring countries (frequency – power regulation, fast tertiary regulation, reactive power and operation in compensation mode) in order to meet the power quality standards
  • NPS balancing, considering the major increase in the portfolio of renewable sources generation capacities (wind, solar etc.) which cannot be controlled, depending on the primary sources specific to each category
  • Power supply in west of Romania, area characterized by a scarce production
  • Increase of the safety conditions in NPS operation and its exploitation under better technical and economic conditions
  • Sustainable alternative of the Romanian hydroelectric potential development considering the limited resources of raw material, in order to achieve cheap and non-polluting energies



The investments in this hydro power plant will lead to the creation of an important number of jobs, increasing the quality of life in the area. An employment peak would be reached in the first stage of the construction (the first 5 years) – namely 4049 jobs. In the second stage, the number of jobs would decrease.

Moreover, important investments will be made for improving the access ways in Lapustesti, by building the new road which will ensure the connection between the road existing on the shore of Tarnita lake and the superior plateau.